Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Research and development

Research and development have always been a high priority in our company. Each of our products is developed on the basis of strict scientific principles and in a practice-oriented manner. We benefit from our close collaboration with universities as well as from constant contact with users.  For users, scientific studies and practical experience add up to precisely the kind of added value that is important in daily practice.

All of our systems are characterised by medical advances, reliable technology, good design, user-friendliness and excellent service.

The modern cryo-sauna icelab −110 °C, a success story

Since nealry twenty years with thousands of satisfied patients / clients experienced whole body cryotherapy with icelab −110 °C. It's every day increasing popularity helps more and more patients with correspondent indications or is enjoyed to simply relax and to get rid of daily stress.

Cryo-sauna before and tody, with thousands of patients satisfied with the well results of whole body cryotherapy.

Always up to the current state of science and technology

Zimmer MedizinSysteme consideres to be with all its products up to date. Functionality, reliability, engineering, safety, environmental protection, ease of use and design leave nothing to be desired.

Development of cryo-sauna icelab. The modern cold chamber.

The control unit of cryo-chamber icelab −110 °C

Looking at the control unit of the cold chamber icelab −110 °C one can see the development. From a splitted TV screen showing the chambers and tecnical values to modern LCD screens and the touch screen to control. From a control cabinet to modern design control unit. From an integrated radio to a modern I-Phone interface ...

control unit of cold sauna, cryo-sauna, cold-chamber icelab -110 °C

Individual design of your cold chamber icelab −110 °C

You would like to have something unique? You'd like a continous design in your ambience. Not a problem, it is our pleasure to help you with an adequate design of your icelab −110 °C. No matter if you just want a graphic change of the classical surface or a more sophisticated wrapping. It is our pleasure to stand by you in word and deed.

Style, Design, cold chamber, cryo chamber, cryo-Sauna,  cryo-therapy chamber