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Dr. Christophe Hausswirth

Dr. Christophe Hausswirth

Dr. Christophe Hausswirth, PhD, is actually at the Head of the Scientific Department at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy and used to be the Director of the Research Department at the French National Institute of Sport (INSEP, France) during 20 years. He is a senior physiologist since 1995 and is professor and leader in recovery and nutrition guidelines in the research department. In 1996 he earned his PhD physiology of human movement at the University of Orsay, France. In 2000 he earned his diploma in supervising research dealing with the energy cost of locomotion in long-duration sport events. He also serves on the scientific board of the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance and edited with I. Mujika in April 2013 a book untitled ‘Recovery for Performance in Sport’ in Human Kinectics, dealing with cold exposures and therapies for the athletes. He wrote recently an english book “Science at the tip of the fork” published recently in Nutrition. Christophe Hausswirth has performed extensive research on the physiological aspects of endurance sport performance by manipulating recoveries in several sports and pacing strategies. He has published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 8 books, and 32 book chapters, and has also presented nearly 180 lectures on sport physiology and training at conferences and seminars worldwide.

 As a sport physiologist, he works closely with more than 100 elite athletes and coaches in a variety of individual and team sports. His research interests include fluid needs for optimal performance; carbohydrate metabolism and performance of exercise in cycling; pacing strategies in triathlon and modern pentathlon; recovery strategies in swimming, soccer, handball players, triathletes, tennis players; precooling strategies for exercise in temperate and hot conditions; overreaching detection, cooling strategies and post-exercise recovery. He is actually involved in companies dealing with people who would like to become healthy and increase the efficiency of a society. Sleep, nutrition, training load and recovery are some topics on which he is involved in order to prevent overreaching of employees. 



We would like to thank Dr. Christophe Hausswirth for his support and valuable contribution to this exciting topic and the possibility to share his insights with us and everyone else interested in the appliance of Whole-Body-Cryotherapy in sports.

For more information we recommend reading his books:

"Recovery for Performance in Sport"

"Énergie et performance physique et sportive"